What do Rainbows do?

Rainbows - a fun and exciting programme for girls aged five to seven (from four in Northern Ireland), it's all about learning by doing Rainbows is all about developing self-confidence, building friendships, learning new things and having fun. Girls get their hands dirty with arts and crafts, get in touch with nature and play games - it's all about learning by doing.  

Rainbows follow a diverse and engaging programme and can take part in lots of different activities with girls their own age.

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The Rainbow Promise

Rainbows make this simple Promise that they share with members around the world:

I promise that I will do my best to think about my beliefs and to be kind and helpful.

Rainbow wear

A Rainbow chooses her outfit from a range of Rainbow wear. The specially designed Rainbow clothes are stylish, practical and economical for today’s girls. There is something to suit every Rainbow whatever she is doing, indoors or out.

The full range of official Rainbow wear can be found in the Guiding Essentials catalogue. Buying Rainbow wear from the Girlguiding UK Trading Service, online or at your local shop/depot benefits guiding across the country.




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