What do adult leaders do?

What do Leaders do?

Adult Leaders work directly with girls to run Rainbow, Brownie, Guide or Senior Section units. Being a Leader is really rewarding because you get to see young people enjoying events and activities that you’ve organised and watch them grow in confidence and ability as time goes on. If you don’t want to take on the full responsibility of being a Leader you can still be involved with young people by becoming a Unit Helper or taking up one of the many other guiding roles.

What’s in it for me?

  • Adult Leaders take Girlguiding UK's Leadership Qualification and are offered all sorts of other training opportunities at a local and national level.
  • Guiding also allows you to gain useful experience that you can use at work or put on your CV. As a Leader you might get involved in marketing, recruiting volunteers, raising funds, handling budgets and managing large-scale events. And you could develop all sorts of skills including excellent organisational and communicative skills as well as the ability to work as part of a team or on your own initiative.
  • Guiding is flexible.  You don’t have to meet weekly or at the same time, or even meet at the same place.  Not everyone has to wear a uniform and we always welcome new ideas about how units can be run.  Make this project your own.

What do Leaders have to say?

  • ‘Being a Leader gave me the confidence to get back out to work – I initially signed up to do it every other week.  Now I’m thinking of working with children!’ Pamela
  • ‘It’s been fantastic sharing all the experiences and laughs with some close personal friends.’ Liz
  • ‘As Leaders we learn marketing, leadership, communication skills, lateral thinking, fund-raising, programme planning and teamwork. These are transferable skills which are extremely valuable in the workplace.' Valerie

The Girlguiding Leadership Qualification

Unit Leaders or Assistant Leaders aged 16 and over complete the Girlguiding UK Leadership Qualification. This qualification is based on work as a Leader (not theory!) and linked with real experiences within the unit. It’s an induction for new Leaders and through the process you will have the support of a mentor, your District Commissioner, other Leaders in the local area and the County Leadership team. As well as the personal support you will receive, there are a number of publications available to help you including the Guiding Manual, Guiding Handbook (with advice for running each section) and the monthly Guiding Magazine.  

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