Braintree Division

Welcome to Braintree Division’s page!

Braintree Division covers a central area of Girlguiding Essex North East with the old market town of Braintree at its centre. It stretches as far north as Finchingfield, to Coggeshall in the east, the Notleys in the south and out to Rayne in the west.

Whether you are already a member, a Guider, Unit Helper or just trying to find out what we do in the area, please take a look at the information on our page. 

Division Standard                                                                            

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Our Division Standard was designed by 8 members of the Division and took two years to make. The standard shows the Guide Trefoil, the Seaxe and emblems representing Guiding or local significance.

Members from all sections of the Division carried out the embroidery on the standard and it was dedicated at a Renewal of Promise Service at St Michaels Church, Braintree on 1st October 1989.

Woven badges of the Standard cost £1.50 each and are available by emailing [email protected].

District Info

Braintree Division is split into five Districts, each headed up by a District Commissioner and supporting team. Districts organise their own District Events in addition to the Division Events.
Blackwater East - Coggeshall
Blackwater West - Braintree (meeting in Bocking Blackwater, Bocking South and Braintree East Wards)
Brain Valley - Braintree (meeting in Braintree South, Great Notley and Braintree West Wards), Cressing and Black Notley
Giffins - Braintree (Central Ward)
Panfield - Finchingfield, Rayne and Wethersfield

Although it often makes sense to be part of your nearest Unit geographically, the Districts welcome members living in any area. So whether you work, live or come to school in the Braintree Division area, we’d love to hear from you.

The Braintree Guide Depot

This is the place to go to buy everything you need for your daughter or your unit, and Braintree Division and its units benefit a little from everything you buy!

We can order all items from Guiding Essentials and the Parents catalogue including Rainbow, Brownie and Guide wear, and Adult Leader Clothing. You can also buy badges, books and gifts plus resources for your unit. The discount we receive as a Depot is passed directly back to the Units that use it.

Trefoil Guild

Have you ever made your Promise as a Brownie, Guide or Leader? If you have, why not join our Trefoil Guild who provide invaluable support to some of the Divisions Units and events … and have lots of fun too !

Braintree is proud to have a Trefoil Guild who celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2007. They meet once a month in the evening and enjoy learning new craft skills, receiving speakers and arranging trips and visits in the local area.



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