County Treasurer

Reports to:

County Commissioner

Responsible for:

Financial wellbeing of the County to include County funds and ensuring that Girlguiding accounting procedures are followed by Divisions, Districts and units.

Detailed duties:

  • Manage the County bank account, keeping accurate and up to date records of all financial transactions. (Currently done by manual book keeping, but could be computer based with regular back up.) Carry out monthly bank reconciliations and maximise investment income using deposit account and bonds.
  • Report to the County Executive Committee meetings on the funds held by the County.
  • Prepare annual accounts to the 31st March each year. Request figures from all County sub committees and consolidate into accrued accounts format as well as payments and receipts format for presentation at the County Annual meeting and submission to the Charity Commissioners. Arrange for the accounts to be independently reviewed.
  • Request budget figures for the following year from sub committees. Prepare budget in April each year and arrange a meeting of the finance committee to discuss and agree the level of grants and County budget for the following year. Following this meeting arrange for the payment of grants and distribute to committees.
  • Write a financial report and present the annual figures at the County Annual meeting in June\July.
  • Send a copy of the accounts and report to the Anglia Region office.
  • Complete the Charity Commissioners Annual Report form either manually or on line.
  • During the year bank any monies received promptly and write cheques for items within the agreed budgets including new leader uniform vouchers and long Service awards. Ensuring that all records are stored securely and in date order for a period of 7 years.
  • Pay expenses incurred by the County Commissioner, Assistant County Commissioner and Advisors who do not have sub committees. Also pay expenses of Division commissioners for attending County Executive meetings.
  • In September each year call a meeting of the finance committee to agree the Annual Subscription fees to be collected the following February.
  • Currently all forms relating to Annual subscriptions are collated by the warrants and registrations secretary and all cheques are sent to the County treasurer. Keep a record of all subscriptions received and write a cheque to Region for the County.
  • Send a financial report to the County Commissioner approximately 2 weeks before each County executive meeting for distribution to those attending.
  • Write a short article for the County newsletter to update unit guiders on financial matters.
  • Maintain the Finance and Money Matters pages of the County website, updating as and when required.
  • Prepare annual report forms for Districts and Divisions to ensure all units complete end of year accounts. Set deadline for their return and follow up all those that have not been received.
  • Try to help all Guiders within the County and advise/ train on accounting matters.

If this type of position is of interest to you please complete an Indication of Interest form or if you know someone who may suit this role please complete a Nomination Form and forward to the County Commissioner via the County Office.

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