Growing Guiding Challenge 2016

Welcome to the fifth and final Growing Guiding Challenge from Essex North East. 
This now completes the series of annual challenge badges where we asked you each year to look at a particular section and learn about what they do and how they work.  The aim has been for girls and Leaders to learn about the different sections in Guiding, different areas of our County Team and to encourage girls to move onto the next section when the time was right.

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Our final challenge badge focuses on the Adults within Guiding – our Leaders and members of the Trefoil Guild.  Our challenges have been designed to focus on either the programme, as in Rainbows and Brownies, or the type of badges that the section works on, like Go For It! for the Guides and Look Wider for the Senior Section.  As Leaders within Guiding we tend not to work on interest badges but more on gaining skills in safety, administration, finance and leadership to improve how we are able to work with the units we lead, whilst making new friends, learning new skills and growing in our guiding experiences.  This year the badge has been formatted to resemble the Leadership Qualification and the four modules within in but also incorporating Girlguiding’s Being Our Best 5 year plan and the Trefoil Voyager and Dark Horse challenges.     We hope it will give girls a taste of being a leader and life beyond being a girl member of our organisation; something they can aspire to in the years ahead!

Just as every leadership book submitted is different, this badge syllabus gives lots of opportunities for girls to develop their own ideas; find their own resources and think outside the box.   The pink helpful “Notes for leaders and Units” box gives some links and suggestions which you can further explore to help your girls determine what they might like to do for each challenge and to help them develop their own ideas.  

There are six clauses within each module, the first four take the themes from Being our Best which can be summarised as:

· Access: Working together to ensure that more girls from all backgrounds benefit from what we do.

· Excellence: Getting better at all that we do for girls

· Capacity: Working collaboratively to improve our processes and decision making

· Voice: Listening to girls and promoting their voices

The fifth and sixth clauses are taken from the Voyager and Dark Horse challenges worked on as Trefoil Guild members.   

To gain the badge, members need to complete at least one activity from each of the six areas—Access, Excellence, Capacity, Voice, Voyager, Dark Horse—ensuring that, as a minimum, at least one activity comes from each of the four modules.   This obviously means you will duplicate some areas.        

Just as in the leadership qualification, there are lots of opportunities to be creative, one activity may help complete more than one section, ie Excellence (skill sharing) in module 1 could contribute towards completing Capacity in module 2.   


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