Challenges & Badges

If you have a Unit, District or Division Challenge you'd like to share please forward to the County Office for consideration -

All Sections County Challenge Badges

Raising the Bar Challenge

As a county we are keen to see all our members ‘Grow Guiding’; to promote the varied opportunities we give our girls and volunteers and to encourage girls, young women and adults to join our fantastic county. 

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Growing Guiding in Essex North East

Between 2012 and 2016, our then County Commissioner, Helen Venner, and her team, wanted us to focus on Growing Guiding in Essex North East.

Each year, a new County Challenge badge was launched, designed to encourage all members of Girlguiding Essex NE, through the completion of challenges inspired by the five key areas of the County team, to grow in their knowledge of each section of our organisation.  Although there were new badges each year, if you missed completing one during that year, you could always do it the following year!

2016 Challenge

The final challenge badge focused on the Adults within Guiding – our Leaders and members of the Trefoil Guild but could be completed by ALL sections.  
It gave girls a taste of being a leader and life beyond being a girl member of our organisation; something they could aspire to in the years ahead!

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2015 Challenge

As part of the Growing Guiding focus in Essex North East, we launched our Challenge Badge for 2015 - "Look Wider" Growing Guiding 2015.

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2014 Challenge

The Girlguiding Essex North East County Challenge Badge for 2014 - “Go For It! Growing Guiding 2014.     

The challenge badges can be completed by ALL sections.

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2013 Challenge

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The 2013 Brownie Challenge is for all Sections, not just for Brownies! 


2012 Challenge

The 2012 challenge was the Rainbow Challenge but, remember, it's not just for Rainbows. Everyone can join in the fun of being a Rainbow whether they are a Rainbow, Brownie, Guide, Senior Section, Leader or Trefoil member! This is an ALL SECTIONS challenge. 

Badges no longer available


Join in the fun and let us Grow Guiding together! 

International - India Challenge

Please support the 2017 International Trip to India, in August, 2017.

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International - Peru Challenge

Please support the 2015 international trip by having fun with their Peru Challenge

International - Uganda Challenge

Try our exciting new Uganda Challenge Badge for 2012. Funds raised will go to support our county trip to Uganda this summer. 



The GENE Media Challenge

The GENE Media Team has devised an exciting new challenge! The GENE media challenge is suitable for all sections from Rainbows to Trefoil.

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Commonwealth Award

The Commonwealth Award is for Guides and Senior Section members.  Once you have agreed with your Leader that you will undertake this award, complete the form to notify the County Commissioner of how you will present your Award and that she will at some point in the future need to verify that you have completed the Award. 

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